Kristen Morgin

Kristen Morgin and her artwork were both impressive and offbeat. In her artwork, her hyper-realistic sculptures of mundane objects had the feel of ready-made art, yet it was entirely constructed by clay/dirt. There's something so engaging about exerting unmeasurable effort to create a mundane object like a monopoly board.

Though she didn't really talk about antiques, I perceived her art as nostalgic/antique. She did talk quite a bit about her fascination with decay, and her enjoyment in sneakily including macabre scenes into her childlike artwork. For me, her art was mostly about death, decay, and lost childhood or innocence.

Kristen's delivery was also quite interesting -- she was a very unassuming person, but a lot of the things she talked about was both personal and somehow removed. I really enjoyed the talk a lot! I think my favorite piece was the first that she showed, of the reimagined Brady Bunch, because of the lighthearted style and cultural associations that she drew between the characters and the popular singers of the time. All of it was extremely impressive.


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