A Series of Performance Events

This was an exceptionally intriguing project, because it definitely highlights the documenter and the power that that person has. For my documentation process, I used my iPhone to record the events (except Noah's for some reason -- I think I messed up and forgot to actually record, much to my infinite frustration), then I decided to alter the color of each event and I edited the actual performance, cutting out down the event to either key moments or simply cutting out parts of the event. In this way, I imposed meaning on each performance piece - an audience member then consumes the art not as a performance piece based on the subjectivity of the performance artist. Rather, the performance artist becomes the object of my subjectivity/camera, which is hella invasive. Here's the video:

Again, I wish that I had the video that I took of Noah's piece, but all I had was a single image. Even that has specific implications about how I as the creator of the film felt about the piece, but I really just didn't have a recording of it. I think it's also interesting because, as an image, his whole piece is reduced to one single moment which doesn't even include him.
 I feel like my editing techniques also changed the meaning of the pieces, especially Johnie's, because I disrupted his speech. Does this disruption of the event seem invasive or interesting to you all? Do you find my imposed meaning on your pieces intrusive or intriguing?


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