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Final project time, woo! This project is called "Boots", and it deals with either a social phenomenon or the psychic energy we have inside all of us, whatever you believe in or not. I had a really good time acting as the facilitator of this exercise, I basically just got to play with people's psyches for a bit, trying to tease out a more comprehensive image.

The exercise went as follows: I set up in a space that was unfamiliar-ish, or at least not a personal space, then I asked the subject to examine the boots for as long as they felt they needed. Then I read out the following script (with a little variation based on their answers):

"Close your eyes. Imagine a comforting and familiar space. It can be in your home, at school, or a place that you’ve never been. Please describe this space. 
Now, invite the owner of the boots into your space. Take a moment to greet them and look at them.
Now describe them to me. How old are they? How tall are they? What are they wearing…