Social Rule Breakers

For my first project, I'd like to do a social experiment.
This could also almost function as a psychology project, because what I'm most interested in is how everyone will react to my and another's behavior.
My idea is to sit down and play a card game, and that's it! Except that I want to do this in the middle of Woodman's. I'm not quite sure how to yet document this phenomenon, potentially with both photography and a short video. I want to both capture how shoppers react to it (my assumption is that they will be very curious but not actually do anything or say anything) and how my partner feels after the experiment is done. I assume that I will feel very uncomfortable and out of place, but maybe it will also be freeing in a certain way.
I'm also interested in seeing whether or not Woodman's reacts to our being there. I'm hoping to camp out for either a half an hour or a full hour. We'll just have to see!


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