I wanted to use my phone for this project, and to try to embody the feeling of a vine, but I needed it to be a little longer for my purposes. In the Eddie Izzard clip that I show, he is talking about British Imperialism, and how just the presence of a flag and a gun makes a space into a place, and beyond that a place that is OWNED. I don't know how a person really owns a place, but it happens! It happens on the large scale and on a much smaller scale. This happens all the time, every day--if you want to grab a table for lunch, you put a marker there, and that space suddenly becomes yours, if only for a short amount of time. And then, if people continuously own that space, it is thought to be their's, like a lunch table that is generally thought of as the 'nerd table'. I wanted to try to mimic this kind of behavior, while also making something kind of funny featuring my favorite comedian.
Featuring my friend Jacob, who very kindly was my antagonist.


  1. Definitely has the vine feel, which I love, because vines are fantastic and have become a true art. This is quite silly while also carrying a lot of meaning.

  2. Yes!!!! Haha, This is funny and so true. I love that little umbrella thing; it's silly and cute.


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