To My Fellow Classmates...

[Transcript from my book The Beatles and McLuhan]

Lennon: The medium is the message, you see.

McLuhan: You know there's a hyphen in there, didn't you? Mess-age.

Lennon: No. And then it was massage last time I heard it.

McLuhan: And mass-age. Put the hyphens in and you have the real message.

Lennon: Yes. Yes, very good.

McLuhan: They, they were - it was always intended to have hyphens.

Lennon: Well, I just got the hang of medium is the message, and then somebody told me, "Oh no, it;s the medium is the massage."

McLuhan: And the mass age and the mess age.

Lennon: I gave in.

McLuhan: So, this is - you're trying to tidy up the message a bit.

Lennon: Yes, yes...

Ono: Yes.

Lennon: We're trying to get it over in three-letter words.


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