My First Gallery

This whole project was very exciting. My book turned out really well, but I wish my thesis had been more clear, because on the surface it looks like I had several different topics; I was critiquing capitalism, making my photos look almost like pages in a magazine. Within that critique, I wanted to highlight how much value has been lost for so-called sacred ideas or people, like Confucius, and how we as a society are so focused on the past (like the drum or the Latest News container) yet we can't wait for the newest technology. I kind of wanted to communicate all of that, so I hope it was effective and everyone kind of understood what I was trying to get at. 

The print project was also very interesting, but less enjoyable and satisfactory than the book. My two prints, "Follow the Rules" and "$12.95 of Right" worked well together, and continued the critique of capitalism. 

This was my first time being part of a gallery opening, and I have to say it was pretty cool. Surprisingly little work went into setting it all up. It was fun, and I really enjoyed it!


  1. I feel like your thesis were conveyed pretty clearly, although every viewer may have interpreted them in slightly different ways. One of my friends really liked your "$12.95 of Right" print. I agree that the books felt more satisfying than the prints, especially in creating more of a narrative.

  2. I really liked that you chose to do a smaller, more compact, format for you book- I think it added to the whole feel of your photos. I think it's hard for anyone to get their audience to understand their main artistic idea if you can't interact with them one-on-one or if they haven't been there for the whole process. For what it's worth I think that you had a very strong idea (critiquing capitalism) and I think that definitely showed.

  3. I also had a fun time creating my book and found it a lot more interesting than making prints for the show. Making prints is a rather blah experience next to actually publishing your work in a book.I'm really glad that there are sites like Blurb that allow one to easily self-publish.

  4. I actually think that your themes were all very clear through your book. It can be hard to capture a lot with only 20 images, but you did a good job! Along with that, I was surprised you had less fun doing the prints. I almost like my prints more than my book!


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