Project 1 Proposal

For this first project, I'd like to focus on this concept of collective consumption versus individual consumption as Bourriaurd discusses in his book. My idea is to make greeting cards using photos of my close friends, then filming their reaction to the cards.
When people shop for greeting cards, there is a certain degree of separation that takes place, because the subjects of the cards are usually unknown and therefore take on a universal anonymity which helps people connect to them. By using subjects that are not only known, but personal, I'm interested in seeing how the consumption of their own image affects this universal anonymity (will it still be kind of present since it is a greeting card?), our relationship as friends (will they be surprised with the phrase/saying that I pair with their image?), and how they see themselves.
Then, there's another layer with your consumption of the footage of their reaction to their card. I have a feeling that it might isolate the class/consumer, because I won't suture the viewer into a narrative in which they feel a part of what's happening on screen. It might not, however, depending on how I construct the video. We'll just have to see!


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