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Jason Yi in Time and Space

I've titled this Structuring Perspectives Into Triangles. Enjoy!

AM Photography

I took all of these photos in Guatemala circa. 2012

My Structured World

Prompt: Write a blog post about your new blog introducing yourself and describing your world.

When I look at a prompt like this, especially for something that I know will be scrutinized and picked over and graded, I start to panic. I immediately begin to look for more criteria, more guidelines that will tell me exactly how I need to respond to such a question that will produce the most favorable response from my peers and my superiors.

When faced with such a broad yet surprisingly personal question, the only response that I could think of to give is:

Structured. My world is structured. And I am a product of my structured environment.
And, if my art is an extension of me, my art is also structured.

I came to this conclusion after my frantic search for more guidelines to shape my response to this prompt. And it's true! I'm currently following an archetype of the white middle class woman, taking classes that demand a set amount of work, conducting interactions based on convention…
My first stop motion video called Fish Out of H2O.