Judy Chicago

Equality is the name of the game! Judy Chicago's art, in all mediums, sizes, and varieties features themes from the feminist movement. Her "masterpiece" installation piece The Dinner Party features 32 place settings signifying muses/artists throughout history that have marked founts of feminine creation. The first is of the Primordial Goddess: 

And ending with Georgia O'Keefe: 

Her medium fluctuates frequently, and but in many of her larger shows, spray acrylic paint is featured quite heavily, as well as embroidery, quilting, and other forms of needlework or "woman's" work. 

The Creation, for example, exhibits her work with needlework and also her desire to find femininity in a world dominated by men. This work focuses on the darkness of before birth, the genesis of the work, and the birth of all things living. 
In the clip below, Chicago speaks about her the trouble she went through trying to "make it" in the art world, and also her experiences as a teacher. 

That's Judy Chicago, I encourage you to look at more of her art. There's a ton of it, and some really exciting, crazy, cool pieces. 


  1. Yes!!!!!!!!! Yes to all of the feminist artists out there.
    Nice job on your presentation! it was quite a lecture!


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